Lovegra Side Effects

Lovegra Side Effects

Almost no women suffers from side effects when using Lovegra. However before you buy or use Lovegra, read these side effects out of precaution. Lovegra is more or less the same as Female Viagra and Womenra and contains sildenafil as active ingredient.

Well first of all, my wife uses Lovegra for years now and didn’t suffer any side effects, so we and especially she can recommend to any female around the world! Having said that… of course on every million , 1 person can suffer side effects and here we are happy to sum them up for you!

Main possible Side Effects are:

Lovegra can erupt out certain side effects after its consumption as it contains certain components which bring out reaction into the body.

These side effects can be facial flushing, stomach upset, pain in vagina, heart pain, wooziness, uneven heartbeat, or trouble in breathing, chest pain, heartburn, diarrhea, headache or lightheadedness.

Also, it is seen that women who use Lovegra can faced out various eye-related complications such as sensitivity towards lights, or blurred vision. If the situation gets worse, do seek doctor’s help or contact emergency unit.

Less often side effects are:

It can also bring out certain side effects like redness, blistering, peeling or loosening of the skin, including inside the mouth, seizures, problems while breathing, trouble while passing urine or change in the amount of urine, unusual bleeding or bruising, dark urine, weakness, yellowing of the eyes or skin and severe or watery diarrhea.

Lovegra Reviews

Lovegra Reviews

You MUST READ these Lovegra Reviews before you order Lovegra online or at your local pharmacist. Read this honest Lovegra Review from an ordinary woman.

Lovegra Review (Caroline)

Let me introduce myself, my name is Caroline and I am 44 years old women with 2 children. I am living in Chicago and like any other couple we had our ups and downs and the 2 children kept us together and more strong, however like any other couple our sexlife also got an impact after the birth of our 2 children en the process of growing the family.

our sexlife wan’t that good anymore, like when we were I was 28 and my husband was 34. This simply because of the stress, work, family and age as well. My husband had difficulty getting and erection and I sometimes simply wasn’t in the mood for sex!

When my husband first tried “secretly” ( 🙂 ) Viagra for himself he had amazing results and our sexlife improved, simply because he has nog a long hard erection !!! After he confessed to me that it was because of his Viagra Pills , we discussed and talked about if it would be good idea for me also to use a sexual stimulant! There are basically 3 products on the market ( Female viagraWomenra and Lovegra ) and while we liked the name “Lovegra” and didn’t see any difference between all these Sildenafil Citrate tablets we went for the one with the most beautiful name.

The results were amazing! While it was already a huge improvement for my husband and me that my husband used Viagra and finally we have long sex, now with Lovegra also I got really excited for long time and more wet and my orgasms were amazingly intense! And not only one orgasm, but I had multiple orgasms! This never happened with me before and normally I didn’t have even an orgasms but was a little dry and it hurted a little bit. Now I am like a tiger in bed and sometimes after a dinner when we order dessert I go to the toilet and take a Lovegra Pill and then in 1 hour we have amazing passionate sex anywhere we want!


I can strongly recommended Lovegra for any women, whatever the reason! It will improve your marriage or relationship or if you are a cougar/milf it will make your really enjoy sex much more intense and let’s be honest, sex is an important thing in life to feel fully happy!